Staddle Stones
Staddle Stones - recycled materials - each individually crafted

Lovely, unique garden features

Was £250 Now £160 each £450

Shark Infested Waters
Life Sized Shark

Galvanised - one off sculpture

WAS £5,500 NOW £4,800

Scrapyard Art Cubes
Scrapyard Art

the building blocks for a sustainable future A modern sculpture of x3 cubes made entirely of recycled metal. Mild steel.

WAS £1,500 NOW £800 (does not incl puffins)

Goose in Flight

A graceful sculpture depicting a lone goose in flight. Mild steel galvanised and then coated to tone down shiny finish to a natural grey. Will retain this matt grey finish

SOLD : Was £1200 NOW £800

Easter Island Head
Easter Island Head

An 8ft contemporary centre piece to create a wow-factor in any garden. Mild steel. Will retain its natural finish as shown. Made entirely of scrap metal.

SOLD - Was £1,800 NOW £1,000

Sabre Tooth Tiger
Sabre-Tooth Tiger

A life-sized tiger – a statement piece which will be the talking point of your outdoor space. Mild steel. Will retain its natural finish as shown.

SOLD WAS £3,500 NOW £1,200

Puffin Paradise

Puffins on stylised rocky sea front. Mild steel. Will retain its natural finish as shown.

SOLD WAS £350 NOW £200 each.

Flower Chairs & Benches
Ornamental Flower Chairs (can be purchased separately)

A beautiful set of flower chairs to add a nod to nature in any garden or patio environment. Mild steel, galvanised and powder-coated. Will retain the current white finish. Will not require repainting

£1000 for set. WAS £2,000 Also priced individually

Garden Chairs & Benches
Wine Glass Chair

Mild steel, galvanised and powder coated – will retain its current finish without need to repaint


‘Joy’ – mounted on stone
'Joy' - dancing sculpture

A celebration piece of art

Was £990 NOW £750

Velodrome Cyclists
Break-away Group

A contemporary sculpture depicting racing cyclists.. Cyclists in mild steel - a natural brown with stainless steel wheels.

Was £900 - Now £700

Sheep and Lamb – leaf design
Sheep - leaf design

Gorgeous sheep created out of leaf-shaped metal pieces


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