Diccon Dadey is a metal sculptor working in mild steel to fabricate a wonderfully eclectic collection of modern and traditional house and garden art in 3D form.

Most sculptures are fabricated entirely from sheet metal but some introduce mixed media in the form of salvaged or drift wood to enhance the representation of nature.  Others are made entirely from scrap metal: reusing materials and reforming them into a beautiful piece of art which reflects nature and which, somehow, seems a fitting way of demonstrating the ongoing worth of the materials often so readily discarded.

Most pieces are weathered to offer up a lovely rusty patina which is so fitting to the natural theme of many of Diccon’s pieces but  each sculpture is designed to fit and enhance its environment and as a consequence galvanised and powder-coated finishes are also very much part of the Dadey Metal Art portfolio where better suited.

Many of the artist’s pieces are an observation of nature, using this man-made material to capture the unique movement, character and alertness for which animals and birds are so much loved and which makes these sculptures such a popular personal art choice.

Contemporary art is also very much a feature of the Dadey Metal Art collection including sculptures ranging from commissioned pieces such as coats of arms to abstract art suited to any particular space or garden landscape theme.

Whether contemporary or traditional; whether abstract or a reflection of nature, a Dadey Metal Art Sculpture offers a unique and timeless piece of art which never fails to enhance its environment either as a breathtaking centre-piece and ongoing ‘wow’ or a gently placed nod to nature, perhaps on a fence, in a flowerbed or on a tree and spotted as a genuinely wonderful surprise.